Hot Stone massage utilises volcanic rocks such as basalt which are heated to varying temperatures. Our stones come in various shapes and sizes specifically for use over the body, between the toes and fingers, behind the ears and on the larger spans of the body. We place the hot stones on your body according to your specific needs. Hot Stone massage can provide benefits that are not possible through normal massage.

Hot Stone therapy, also referred to as thermotherapy is very beneficial when applied to the body on acupressure sites. The heat from the hot stones assists in relaxing muscles, allowing for a deeper massage. hot stones are also placed on the bodies Chakras, or energy points, balancing the bodies natural energies to align both your mind and body, both physically and mentally. We also use hot stones as placeholders where more treatment is required, with the heat transference from the stone to the specific spot on your body warming and aiding in reducing the tenseness and tension of the muscles and in turn relaxing the underlying tissues in preparation for pressure point therapy or a deep tissue treatment.

What happens during a Hot Stone Massage?

Our Hot Stone Massage consists of a deeply relaxing massage which incorporates the use of hot basalt stones which are smooth volcanic stone, heated during your treatment to various temperatures depending on their positioning on your body. Most clients also choose to have an Aromatherapy Package added to their hot stone massage to enhance wellness and invigorate the senses.

Many clients often speak of different feelings and bodily awareness during their hot stone massage treatment. It is not uncommon for you to experience changes in your body temperature, going from cold to hot and back again, or for your breathing and heart rate to increase and decrease. None of these sensations are harmful, instead they are the result of rapid exchange of oxygen and blood in your body.

In addition to these sensations, you are also likely to feel a sense of nature as the hot stones warm your body, and the texture and warmth of them soothes acupressure points, the smalls of your hands and feet, between your toes and the chakras of your body. Hot Stone massage is truly a massage of the senses of nature and when used by the therapist to glide across your body between their hands and your skin, the extra warmth and heat delivers an exceptionally penetrating massage by nature.

Often our clients will opt for the addition of Aromatherapy Oils to enhance their treatment and to aid in bringing about a deep sense of relaxation and wellness. Our therapists can assist you in the right choice of Aromatherapy Oils to suit your senses and overall massage goals of your hot stone massage.

Hot Stone Massage is effective in treating a number of Conditions:

  • Self Healing Enhancement
  • An increase in Blood Flow and Circulation
  • Improvement in your Lymphatic and Immune Systems
  • Body Function Normalisation
  • Natural Bodily Healing
  • Reducing Inflammation and Muscle Injury
  • Reducing Stress and Inducing a Feeling of well being
  • Balancing of male and female energies
  • Increasing of cellular activity

How long is a Hot Stone Massage Treatment?

Hot Stone Massage treatments at Massage First Airlie Beach have been structured so that you can gain the maximum benefit from your treatment, which is why we do not provide a Hot Stone massage treatment under 1 hour. Our hot stone massages range from 1 hour, 90 minutes and 2 hours. To find out more about our Hot Stone Massage treatments and pricing you can visit our Treatment Menu.