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Acupressure is somewhat similar to Acupuncture, except there are no needles. The principles of applying physical pressure to acupuncture points using the therapists hand, elbow and with various apparatus over your body to release tightened short muscles delivers the same result so if you are a little squeamish of needles, then Acupressure could be for you. Your therapist will adjust the pressure and work with you on managing the amount of pressure to suit your needs and preferences. In most cases firm pressure is not always required to provide relief.

Acupressure stimulates the bodies own powers of recuperation through various trigger points or meridian lines which run right throughout your entire body. This stimulation removes the blockages of toxic build in your muscle tissues by diffusing the bodies natural defences for just the right amount of time. Stiffness caused by the accumulated toxins in your body puts abnormal pressure on nerves, blood vessels and also lymph glands which lead to a follow on effect deeper within your body and left untreated can effect internal organ function.

Some of the key benefits of acupressure include:

  • Relief from pain
  • Relaxation of muscle tension
  • Harmonious structural balance
  • Improved muscle and joint flexibility
  • Improved digestion
  • Improved detoxification
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Arthritus

Is Acupressure right for you?

Some of the benefits of Acupressure massage are listed above, however Acupressure massage can be extremely soothing and therapeutic, treating mind, body and soul. Like acupuncture, acupressure massage is used to assist your well being by using the meridian lines throughout your body.

Almost everyone can benefit from Acupressure massage. Please feel free to discuss any ailments you may have with our therapists as they can advise you on the benefits this treatment may provide you.

Which parts of the body are Massaged during Acupressure Massage?

Your whole body has a series of meridian lines passing through it. These meridian lines are the lifelines to which Qi (Chi) flows. Energy flows through these lines, however they cannot be seen, and your therapist cannot feel these meridian lines, instead they must know exactly where these lines are in order to provide you benefits.

These meridian lines, or channels of energy, can be associated with the functioning of the body’s internal organs.  Under healthy conditions, the energy will flow freely through the meridians.  If the internal organs function abnormally, or abnormal external stimulation occurs, the energy will stagnate in the meridians and cause illness.  In order to cure the illness, the blockage must be released and the flow of energy normalised.  The whole meridian can be worked on evenly, or specific points can be concentrated upon.

Given there are 12 meridian lines throughout the body, running from your head to your toes, it is necessary during an Acupressure or Chinese Meridian massage for the therapist to activate specific points where needed.

The therapist will discuss with you the points and their location during your treatment so you can make an informed decision and provide consent for them to administer the treatment whilst you remain comfortable at all times.

Drop in and experience an Acupressure Massage with us.