Chinese Meridian Massage

Chinese massage has been recognised as a form of natural holistic healing, a natural for  of medicine for hundreds of years. Many acknowledge Chinese Massage as the original medicine of the world, well before western medicine was recognised and even discovered. Almost everyone will benefit from a Chinese Massage. Chinese massage nurtures your physical, mental and emotional well being, with the primary focus to bring about well being by enhancing the flow of qi (vital energy).

Chinese Massage Good For Pain Relief

In Traditional Chinese Medicine pain is an indication that qi is blocked or stuck. A qualified Chinese massage therapist aims to remove blockages from the meridians (invisible pathways in the body on which qi flows) and stimulate the flow of qi.

Different Chinese Massage Techniques for Different Needs

Chinese massage is an ancient tradition and is part of primary health care in China. There are five interrelated treatments:

  1. Press and rub – massage techniques for rejuvenation and good health.
  2. Push and grasp – medical massage for injuries, joint and muscle problems and internal disorders
  3.  Infant – specifically for babies and young children
  4. Point press – simple pressure techniques similar to acupressure
  5. Curing with external qi (energy) – non-touch healing performed by transferring qi to clients directly from masters who have studied for many years

Chinese Massage Benefits Mind and Body

By removing blockages and improving qi and blood flow Chinese Massage aims to:

  • Improve energy levels and organ function
  • Ease spasm and pain
  • Improve flexibility
  • Strengthen joints
  • Promote relaxation

What to Expect at a Chinese Massage

Chinese massage is a very effective treatment for pain and for balancing the body, mind and spirit. Depending on the clients needs, you may be fully or partially clothed depending on the treatment areas you require massage on. Often the therapist will use oils and balms during the massage to treat effected areas. Your therapist will trace meridian lines on the body to activate qi movement and remove blockages. the body is made up of 12 meridian lines which control and effect your mood, internal organs and your physical and mental state on mind. According to your preference, the therapist may use varying pressure during your massage treatment, checking in with you to ensure you are comfortable with the pressure applied. Some points along your meridian lines can be extremely sensitive, especially when you have health concerns or illness, organ issues and the likes.

There is really nothing to be afraid of during your Chinese Massage Treatment as our therapists are fully qualified and will intuitively know the right pressure to apply based on your pain thresho;ld. In saying that, a Chinese massage treatment can also be very beneficial and relaxing at the same time, even with the targeted treatment of your meridians. Given Chinese Massage is an ancient form of natural therapy, it is also well known amongst the global community and a popular therapy of choice amongst many travellers to our Airlie Beach Massage Centre.

We hope to see you soon for a Chinese Massage at Massage First Airlie Beach.