Dual Massage - Four Hands Massage

Dual Massage or four hands massage is our premium indulgence massage treatment. Two therapists and four hands provide you with a truly luxurious massage experience.

Our therapists have trained hard to deliver what we have been told is a truly special massage experience, one that deserves a place on everyone's bucket list. For those accustomed to massage, especially the Relaxation / Swedish type will know just how relaxing one is, so to double the hands to four hands makes for a delightfully magnificent massage experience.

Our dual massages are available from 30 minutes to 2 hour time frames, with 60 minutes and 90 minute dual massage treatments our most popular, and very affordably priced at $70 for the 30 minutes, only $100 for 45 minutes. For more information on our dual massage pricing please visit our Massage Treatment Menu.

What to Expect during your Dual Massage

Our massage therapists will start by providing a synchronised massage on the back of your body. Both delivering a soothing, relaxation massage with just the right amount of pressure. Quality massage oils are used and can be combined with our signature Doterra Essential Oils to add a natural Aromatherapy treatment which can enhance your mind, body and soul. To find out more about our Doterra Aromatherapy Massage Oils and which one is best suited to you, please ask our friendly staff when booking for your dual massage.