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Complete Hair Removal & Waxing for Men - XXX Brazilian Available

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Men's Hair Removal and Waxing has become more and more prominent in recent years. More and more men are having their hair removed by waxing as it provides a longer time between treatments, the hair grows back sparser, and finer and the skin is less irritated because the frequency of treatments as opposed to shaving are farther apart.

If you have never had your body waxed but are sick of shaving, an shaving rash, or being a prickly pear is no longer your choice, then book yourself in for a body wax with our qualified waxing therapists.

You will be glad you did!

Our Treatments are very competitively priced and we are one of almost no waxing studios in Airlie Beach who specialise in Men's Waxing. Check out the extent of our treatments for Men's Waxing and you will see why we are your one stop waxing shop.

FACIAL WAXING Duration (mins) Price
Eyebrow Mono 5 $10
Eyebrow Sculpting 15 $20
Eyebrow Tinting 15 15
Ears or Nostrils 10 $15
TORSO WAXING Duration (mins) Price
Chest & Abdomen 20 $50
Lower Back 15 $25
Upper Back 15 $25
Full Back 25 $40
Full Back & Shoulders 30 $55
Full Back, Chest & Shoulders 45 $90
Full Body (Incl. Brazilian) 90 $20
LEG & ARM WAXING Duration (mins) Price
Half Arm 15 $30
Full Arm 25 $40
Full Arm & Underarm 30 $60
Underarms 15 $25
Leg - Lower 20 $50
Leg - Full 30 $65
Full Leg & Brazilian 60 $110
BRAZILIAN & BIKINI WAXING Duration (mins) Price
G-String Bikini 30 $40
Brazilian 45 $65
Buttocks - Cheeks 15 $20
Buttocks - Crack 15 $15
Buttocks - Cheeks & Crack 25 $30
*Consultation with your therapist may be required on some treatments prior to finalising price.

Waxing & Beauty Treatments

In addition to our Men's and Women's Waxing treatments, we also have a great range of personal care and beauty treatments which are complimentary to waxing and grooming.

Check out the range below:

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